My Application To Run Prince Charles' Twitter Account

Dear Sir,

I write with reference to your advertised post of employment for Digital Engagement Officer at Clarence House. I enclose my current CV for your consideration and propose the following digital activities. 

On Twitter, one will not only broadcast engagements as they happen in a live-feed situation but one will also respond to one's followers.  One will include content from other platforms (noted below) that will enable one to connect further with one's subjects.  We will create a parody account for 'all the LOLz' and allow occasional photoshopped images, Royally-related memes and WTF style updates to be presented alongside 'that may actually be true' style extreme tweets.

One should be considering using Vine to broadcast for six seconds as, in the modern digital world, your subjects are short on time. One will use these short video updates as teasers for bigger and better content on Twitter and YouTube but they will not be six seconds of your (in)famous "Err" as these are now notoriously clipped out of video content.

I suggest that one creates a presence on YouTube with the concentration on creating a lifestyle feel to the channel.  Monday would see your "Haul From Harrods" in which the Royal Household staff lay out one's weekly shop on the kitchen work surfaces explain each item individually with the reason for the purchase. We could even incorporate some Recipe Of The Day content for Pinterest and one's website.  Wednesday would feature an OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) from Camilla; this would be backed up by exclusive shots on Instagram.  A quarterly fashion 'Look Book' at the beginning of each season would be filmed with a small digital camera, arty angle shots and an occasional camera flip-round to show one's self to prove that you are indeed the film-maker.  Friday's broadcast would also produce a vlog from Camilla which covers health and beauty Tips From The Top. I envisage a partnership with Eggleston Hall Finishing School and occasional guest appearances from Gill Harbord and Rosemary Shrager.

One may be wondering why I have not, as yet, mentioned Facebook or Google Plus? These platforms will become a 'dumping ground' for content produced on faster moving platforms. Clever use of phrases and keywords will ensure that one's presence is still felt on these channels with very little need for engagement. Shoot-off pages on both of these platforms for interesting personal activities would be created; these may include one's book writing and one's theory on plant well-being through conversation. 

At some point in the future, and as ones social popularity wanes, it will be necessary to create secondary accounts for all the above mentioned digital platforms.  'Official' content will remain on the original channels and we will create a campaign to show more relaxed and personal content on the new channels. This may include showing one babysitting the grandchildren, duckface and 'head together' selfie shots with family members and teaser presentations of a new pocket handkerchief from yourself or a handbag from Camilla. At this point, and also to show how normal life behind Palace doors is, it would be advisable to arrange an audition to become the new Gogglebox family. This would give one's all-round media presence a boost without any financial investment.

The most important aspect of my employment is to ensure that we collectively create shareable content and one connects with ones subjects to bring the esteemed Royal Household into 2015 and to ensure that your future ascension to the British throne will provide a modern and engaged King.  

Sincerely your subject
Nickie O'Hara