Rik Mayall's Five Mantras To Live Life By

Recently I watched a salute to Rik Mayall - the BBC Two tribute programme called "Lord Of Misrule".  During the programme there was a clip of Rik's acceptance speech when he was given an honorary Doctorate by the University of Exeter in 2008.  Towards the end he shared his five mantras to live life by based around equality, opportunity, wisdom, freedom and love.

I think they are appropriate enough for us all to follow now and beyond so I created these quote cards.  Enjoy. 

Rik Mayall's Five Mantras To Life Life By - All men are equal, therefore no-one can ever be your genuine superior #EQUALITY

Rik Mayall's Five Mantras To Life Life By - It is your future, yours to create. Your future is as bright as you make it #OPPORTUNITY

Rik Mayall's Five Mantras To Life Life By - Change is a constant of life so you must never ever lose your wisdom - your wisdom that you nurtured and enriched #WISDOM

Rik Mayall's Five Mantras To Life Life By - If you want to lead a full and complete life you have to be free.  Freedom is paramount. #FREEDOM

Rik Mayall's Five Mantras To Life Life By - Love IS the answer #LOVE

You can catch the full speech on YouTube - with added Floella Benjamin for extra nostalgia points. It really is worth a watch, especially when Floella apologises for Rik using the F-word!!


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