Does Your Stationery Have A Theme?

#StationeryWednesday - Does Your Stationery Have A Theme?

The world is definitely split into those that understand the pull of stationery and those that only use it in a practical sense.  At the start of the year, I realised that I was leaning more to a green theme with my stationery for 2015; green ink in my pen, a turquoise Leuchtturm notebook, a green desk diary...

Unintentionally, I've turned into a bit of a Paperways fangirl and appear to be working my way through their stock on the Bureau Direct website.  To date, I own the London themed mini-notebooks, the Parisian post-it notes, the A5 hexagon notepad and the hexagon keyboard pad and I have my eye on a few other pieces.

This brand - which originates from South Korea - totally fits in with my theory that stationery should be fun, functional and affordable (almost total alliteration there).  But it was only during a Google Hangout with Penny that I realised I had so many of their products - and so did she - but just look how fantastic they all are. The Far East definitely has the market cornered when it comes to stationery.

I've been using the keyboard jotpad in my home office for scribbling reminders on and with 50 pages in the pad, it's going to last the full year (everyone's entitled to two weeks holiday...). When you've finished one week you just rip off the top sheet and start again on the next week.  As I mentioned in the chat with Penny, though, I would like each "day" to be perforated so that I could tear it off and use the notes as reminders in my diary or journal.  So useful though!

#StationeryWednesday - Does Your Stationery Have A Theme?

Also, if you're coming to The BlogOn conference in Manchester in May, look out for me carrying my presentation notes in one of the gorgeous document folders from SemiKolon. I have the lime coloured one, again to go with my green theme for the year.  I also have stashed my Mark's Storage It notebook (as seen in the video above) to take with me so that I can scribble notes from the other speaker presentations.  

#stationerywednesday - SemiKolon storage from Bureau Direct

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