Spicing Up Your 2015!

Spicing Up Your 2015!
It can be easy to get bogged down in the drudgery and tedium of everyday life. Bills popping through the letterbox like clockwork; the same commute day in, day out to a job that elicits the same degree of excitement and interest as a damp dishcloth; then upon returning home simply watching TV or surfing the net. Life can be rather boring at times, and ruts can appear almost magically out of the ether. What should you do, though, when your life is in need of a little rejuvenation?

Art Attack

The problem many of us have nowadays is that we don't follow enough hobbies or interests. After getting home from work have a cup of coffee, shun the television and head out to broaden your horizons! If you're a creative soul. think about heading to an art class or photography workshop; you'd be surprised how inexpensive these are (especially compared to nights out) and if you end up showcasing a talent for it, enjoying painting at home could be a real relaxation device after a long day of work.

Take to the Stage

For the more gregarious among us, perhaps try your hand at the performing arts- drama, music, theatre etc- where your naturally outward character will be able to express itself. Joining these types of societies rarely has a negative impact on one's work-life balance, and can be a wonderful means for meeting new people.

Get Your Game On

These days adrenaline is a hormone we rarely experience coursing through our veins, this often being an issue that can lead many of us to feel our lives are boring or devoid of excitement. If you need a quick fix of the neurotransmitter, try playing online games. Poker, slots, blackjack, roulette; the internet has a host of sites nowadays that offer these types of games, plus the opportunity to win big bucks whilst playing!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

It's a pretty widespread phenomenon nowadays: people simply don't get enough fresh air and exercise, this leading to them feeling low, slow and lacking energy. This one's quite easy to temper- get outdoors! Hop on a train to some rural clime, go for a walk or have a picnic with friends. The world is your oyster!

Self Improvement

If you've been putting off that career move, jump in education or learning of a skill, 2015 is the time to finally bite the bullet and make waves! It may seem painful at first, but do your research, find out your options and, above all, do it! You'll be patting yourself on the back when everything falls into place!

This post was written by Isabel Brewin.  Please see my disclosure policy for more details.