Things I Learnt In March

In no particular order, here is what I have learned this week...

It's really hard to choose between 'learned' and 'learnt' when you are a fully paid up member of the Grammar Police. 

When your 21 year old son passes his driving test the insurance quotes start at around £6000 and the lowest quoted is £1900, probably because of his job.

When your 21 year old son goes out driving alone for the first time since passing his test you do not relax until he is home again.

'Family meal time' is very strange when 50% of your family (i.e. the two-thirds of your off-spring that still live at home) are actually out working and earning their own money outside of traditional office hours (but hooray for new jobs and independence).

Doves used at weddings and funerals are not actually doves but white homing pigeons called Rock Doves.

There are about 40 real doves stranded near a cemetery in Cheshire after the 'wrong type of doves' were used at a Jamaican funeral.

Listening to a phone on your 'other ear' distorts what you hear (trust me, try it - it's all echo-y)

Running twice in three days in really wet weather actually chills you to the bone and you spend the next three days trying to warm up again, This isn't easy when your husband opens the bedroom window half way through the night 'to let some fresh air in'.

There are two sides to a birthday depending on which sibling you are. The person who's birthday it is will be super-excited whilst their sister will tell you that "today is not a good day, Nana" complete with a Very Sad Face.

Sometimes my head is full of ideas and sometimes it's completely devoid of inspiration. And there is no happy medium.

Forgetting to put on a piece of your everyday jewellery creates discombobulation for the whole day. 

The day after you order a notebook cover you discover that you've probably ordered the wrong thing because you didn't know the name of the thing you were looking for because you didn't think it existed so now you have to find extra money to order more stuff.

SketchShe are currently the greatest thing on YouTube.

What have you learned this week. Let me know.