How To Make A Matinee Jacket From Granny Squares

How To Make A Matinee Jacket From Granny Squares

A few weeks ago I shared a picture of a matinee jacket I'd created out of 12 crocheted granny squares and lots of people asked for the pattern.  I made this after viewing a few variations I'd seen on Pinterest and on crafting blogs.

How To Make A Matinee Jacket From Granny Squares
I hope you enjoy this and scroll down for some mini hints and tips plus a one minute video tutorial if you prefer that type of thing.

I have used double knit yarn in two contrasting colours

  • Crochet 12 granny squares 
  • Sew six granny squares together to make the back
  • Sew three granny squares together to make the right hand front side
  • Sew three granny squares together to make the left hand front side
  • Sew the three sections together.  Start at the second group of stitches to create a collar opening
  • Add a border by crocheting two rows of double crochet around all the open edges
  • Create a button loop by chaining 7 and attaching to the border
  • Add a button

Hints And Tips

  • If you are a complete beginner with crochet then see here for a video tutorial from Bella Coco which shows you how to make a granny square
  • Each time you create a new 'round' on your granny square, flip it over and work the 'reverse'. This helps to stop the edges from curling up
  • Attach a new colour of yarn in the opposite corner from where you finished the previous colour. This helps to prevent any 'weak' corners

Please do let me know if you make one of these and share your pictures in the comments section. I'd also like to hear about or see any other variations on this pattern you may have created.  Happy crocheting! 


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