Three People Who Do Britney Better Than Britney

Three People Who Do Britney Better Than Britney
Britney gives good shade! Kudos points if you can name the video/song this still is from?!

You watch Carpool Karaoke, right? Simple but genius - and I imagine singers are queued up to appear on it to show that (a) they can actually sing and (b) they have a sense of humour.  Anyway, I just watched the most awkward episode. It was the one where Britney Spears forgets the words to all her own songs and mimes quite a bit. I feel it had been worked into her recent PR campaign with the producers of the show having to edit it heavily and it shows.

But I'm not here to analyse the video (that happened on Facebook) but I literally laughed out loud when Ruth mentioned that James Corden sings Britney songs better that Britney does, which led to people sharing videos of famous people doing impressions of Britney.

So, ever the public service, I decided that you needed to see these too and here are my top three. You're welcome. Feel free to share more in the comments. The world needs to see these! 

1.  Nicole Scherzinger

2. Christina Aguilera

3.  Ariana Grande

Side note : I wrote this blog post on Saturday morning before Nicole Shirtslinger was on X-Factor and Xtra-Factor doing all the bloody Britney impressions.  I have a feeling she's following me on Facebook and gets all her ideas from me... 

Bonus : Jedward

Not an impression but who can forget Jedward's X-Factor performance? 
Oh, you had...? Sorry (not sorry)!


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