Gadgets Galore!

As you've probably seen from various articles on this blog, I love a good bit of tech and really like trying out new gadgets.  Over the past couple of months I've been lucky enough to try a few new additions to the market so I've put them through their paces and I'm reporting in!

Gadgets Galore - EC Technology, Lumsing, power bank, bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speaker

Battery life on phones or tablets doesn't last long, does it? This makes me a huge fan of portable power banks and I've been comparing two of my favourites. The EC Technology 5200mAh Power Bank is made of durable rubber (my eldest son immediately took ownership of this) and, because of it's small size, makes it the most portable of the two power banks.  It also has a built in torch which makes it great for camping! The Lumsing Glory Series P1 Plus 15000mAh Power Bank is slightly larger and heavier but provides the option of recharging up to three devices at once.

The best thing about these portable battery chargers are that they will give your phone or mobile device a bit of a power boost when you're on the move.  They are both USB chargers and smart technology detects the fastest intended charging speed to give you that much needed battery life in the speediest time.  Both power banks provide LED light indicators to show how much 'juice' the power bank has left in the tank.  I can't pick my favourite out of these two!!

If you're after some bluetooth headphones to wear when out running then give the EC Technology Bluetooth 4.1 headset a go.  Their steady bluetooth signal, independent in-line control and HD microphone will make sure that you have no difficulty listening to your music or making a call whilst on the go.  They also include a sports-kit which make sure the buds perfectly fit your ears whilst participating in sport and they are sweatproof.  A unique feature is that they also have 'magnetic attraction' built in so the two earplugs fit together when not in use.

Finally, the EC Technology Bluetooth Speaker was an absolutely brilliant piece of tech for when we were on holiday. It's as small as a travel clock but has a great 5W speaker that gives off great bass.  It's made of stainless steel which makes it feel luxurious and has a non-slip mat underneath to both stop it from moving around and will protect your surfaces.  The 1300mAh lithium battery provides up to 9 hours of music playing (we linked ours up to our tablet where we had all our music stored) but you can also pair it with a phone for up to 30 hours of conversation. 

Please do click through each link to check the current price, as there's always special offers on from Lumsing and EC Technology. These gadgets that I've featured are really affordable for what they do and make great presents for those hard-to-buy friends and family too.  

NB: the links I've provided are Amazon affiliate links which means that if you buy the product after clicking the link, I am paid a few pence.