My Unused Notebooks

Who doesn't love a brand new, unused notebook? The pristine cover, the unblemished pages, the journey that your handwriting is going to take along the paper with plans or memories.

My Unused Notebooks
But it appears that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to notebooks. I start them with all good intentions; projects, bullet journals, diaries, scribble pads - however I never get round to finishing them unless they are specifically for work or an ongoing project. 

So I  have notebook fear... I don't want to start a new notebook just so that I can get bored of it a few pages in.  Therefore, I'm starting to get a bit of a stash of them and they are threatening to take over my office. 

Recently, when I delved back into the world of Filofax after acquiring a Malden, I was sorting through my paper stash and became rather embarrassed by the amount of unused notebooks that I had collected.  Don't get me wrong... I love receiving them to review, however I want them to be used for the right purpose then there is less 'wastage' and not as many half-finished journals in the desk drawer.

So here is a little video of the 30-something notebooks I found immediately to hand. I'm sure there's more somewhere and occasionally members of my family will take one to use (official requests are submitted and the best fit for use provided - it's a proper service and I'm thinking of charging for my expertise...). If you can think of any use for them all I'd be happy to hear your suggestions!