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What's In My Bag | Fossil Sydney Satchel

I can't remember exactly how I first discovered the Fossil Sydney Satchel but it was definitely featured on a YouTube video at the beginning of the year.  Since then, I've been lusting over it at every available opportunity because it showcased itself as my 'bag for life', if you will.

What's In My Bag | Fossil Sydney Satchel
It's a proper leather handbag and, from what I'd seen on the numerous videos I'd watched, was like a bottomless pit.  But £140 is a lot to pay for any single item and not one that I thought I could afford any time soon.  However, the lovely Tanya and her husband both had some similar advice which sealed the deal for me. They asked me if it would be a bag that I would use every day (the answer was 'yes') and to break down the price per day over a year (just over 38p per day). So I put it at the top of my wishlist.  Some opportunities came along at the right time and when I checked the website the price had been reduced (although the colour I originally wanted wasn't in stock at the time). The investment was made.

The bag turned up a few days later and I have no regrets whatsoever! I'm even glad that the colour I first wanted was out of stock because, as you'll see from this video, there's a theme running through my colour choices at the moment - the tan colour feels like such a classic.  It's also going to patina beautifully and just get better with age, just like it's owner *ahem*

Have a watch of the video and let me know what you think. I'm in L.O.V.E. and it hasn't left my side since it arrived!