Summer Holiday Essentials

Later this year my husband and I are jetting off to Corfu to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Yes, I know I don't look old enough... it's very kind of you to say so.  Anyway, over the next few weeks I'm trying to prepare properly for our break by ensuring that I travel light, yet functional, as I have a tendency to over-pack.

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Summer Holiday Essentials - - Over the next few weeks I'm preparing my summer holiday essentials by creating a capsule wardrobe, mix-and-match footwear and looking at beauty essentials so I can travel light yet functional.

I'm loving looking at ideas for beach, day and evening wear and need to make sure I've got a good mix-and-match wardrobe. I've noticed a lot of blue and white on offer for this season.  Styles that I'm loving are longer length shorts, tunic tops and light, floaty summer maxi-dresses that don't cling in all the wrong places.
Summer Holiday Essentials - summer fashion

You can't go wrong with tan shoes so I'll be packing my Roxanne wedges from Hotter Shoes which are so comfy that I could wear them all day but I spotted their matching 'Resort Sandals' too which I'll definitely be investing in. I'll also be popping in a couple of pairs of flip-flops for the beach and a pair of trainers for long walks.

Summer Holiday Essentials - summer footwear

I've been collecting up a whole range of products and accessories over the past few weeks.  I already own a Mia Tui Emma bag which is awesome as hand luggage (full review here and 'What's In My Travel Bag' video here) but they now do smaller bags which can be used as make-up bags or wash-bags for travelling (see more information here).

I don't wear much make-up on holiday but I do like to have a bit of a touch-up in the evenings. I keep my tones fairly nude with a slash of colour on my lips so I've also invested in some QVS Beauty make-up brushes which are the perfect size for popping in my make-up bag.

I'm having a break from acrylic nails at the moment but may have a gel manicure before I leave. In the meantime,  Orly breathable nail polish is perfect for covering up the damage I have to my nails at the moment and I'll probably take a bottle with me in case any touch-ups are needed to keep my mani/pedi topped up.

The final thing I always ensure that I take with me is a few products to help prevent my skin from drying out in the heat. I'm a huge fan of the Vaseline Intensive Care moisturisers and their ever-faithful cocoa butter lip therapy.

Summer Holiday Essentials - summer beauty products

I'd love to hear if you have any summer holiday essentials recommendations. We also need some new luggage after a baggage mishap last year so I'm currently shopping around for something a little more sturdy to transport all my holiday essentials. Any ideas?

Summer holiday essentials... what would you add to the list?  [click to tweet]


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