5 Ways To Help Your Business Thrive

Promoting a business is an important consideration and can often feel like an ongoing challenge. Whether you are a new or small start-up or have been in business for years, there are many ways in which you an advertise your business without spending a fortune. 

Make Sure Your Website Is Easy To Navigate

Your website should be goal-focused and clearly explain what you do and what services or products you provide with ease of use for the target audience. It should also be fully branded in line with the company identity and be search engine optimised with regular inspections

Get Your Social Media Campaign Just Right

This Guardian article showcases five of the best social media campaigns of 2015 and they include the ever-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert (sidenote: check out the Twitter account of @johnlewis who seems to spend 90% of his social media time directing people to the official John Lewis Retail account).

Offer Freebies

As a keen reader, I often browse the free bins on Amazon for downloads for my Kindle. These offers give me the chance to discover new authors which very probably leads to the purchase of their other titles. This is confirmed in a blog post by Bubblecow and one which I expand on in my own blog post "How To Generate Sales By Offering Freebies".

Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine so it makes sense to create 'how to' style video content and film responses to customer queries. These videos can then be embedded into blog posts on your website or shared across social media to enhance your message.

Guest Posting On Blogs

I often have guest posters on my blogs and it's a great way to hit a new audience. I've had author friends conduct a "book tour" (a series of guest posts on blogs that have readers that are part of their target audience) and, as you can see above, I have friends guest post to share forms of marketing that have worked for them. Here's another Geekalicious post (funnily enough, a guest post) that explains the benefits of guest posting in full. Finding unusual topics is a good way to go too.  How about finding out more about something you know nothing about, such as https://lasermarktech.com/products/cobalt-gem or directing visitors to this website here to find out more drones. 

So these are just five of my ideas. Can you add any more of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments.