Rambling Thoughts

I have a few things whizzing through my head at the moment that aren't really big enough for a full blog post so I may as well tip them out here. As soon as I click 'Publish Post' I'll either regret it or think of another 10 things to add.

I was reading this article the other day which reminded me of my inability to remember on which side the petrol cap is on my car and it offered a little tip to help you remember. This little 'reminder' was disproved by the second half of the article but I still had a look to see if the arrow was in my car. IT IS! And in my husbands car. And in my colleagues car. I don't care... I'm amazed!

I've decided to lose weight (again) but have no idea how to do this effectively whilst hunched over a computer all day at work and then no motivation at home in the evening. Plus, I like my one-night-a-week bottle of wine therapy on a Friday. I need a kick up the arse a.s.a.p. And why, when I have made the decision to lose weight, on the first day, when I haven't even had the chance to make much of an effort, do I feel hungry by 10am?

I'm flagging with my current Open University course. I love the subject matter but when it comes to writing up the assignments, I lose enthusiasm. Maybe it's because I've been studying non-stop for almost two years now, as well as working full time and everything else that I do? I have an idea that I will finish this course and then take a break for a few months. I miss reading (and writing) for enjoyment.

I also have a 'story' that I want to write but I think I may get into all sorts of trouble for it. It's not plagiarism or anything like that - just a daft theory I have based on a true-life story... it's complicated. Maybe I should just write it and put it out there?

I think that some parents don't deserve the privilege that they are afforded. I daren't write any more on this because I will probably end up ranting, getting myself into all sorts of trouble and upsetting lots of people.

Hair is weird.  You cut it and it grows back.  Mine never seems to look how I want it to look regardless of taking fifteen photos into the hairdresser and asking them for a specific style! Do you think it would be better with scalp serum? https://www.outtasighthair.com/products/3-in-1-scalp-serum?variant=27884100845662

I feel very pissed off that I don't earn enough money to ever save up. We have a small amount of savings thanks to some savvy wheeling and dealing but that has just been spent on two carpets rather than a week's holiday. I feel quite bitter about that even though the rational reasoning is that the carpets will last a lot longer than two weeks!

When ladies are wearing ballet pump-style shoes, why do they walk with their toes bent upwards? Oh, and is the reason that 80's fashion is making a 'come-back' because all the moguls and gurus of today were children of the 80's and have no fresh ideas? I am looking forward to getting some plastic jelly shoes again though! http://www.poundsofplastic.com/cat-plasticproduct/pa-nylon/

We have already reached the "future" that was predicted in Back To The Future II. Even though we have made advancements with the 3D films, where is my flying car and hoverboard please? Click now and tell me, please!