Establishing a Good School Routine

Routines have endless benefits from helping us feel more in control of everything, and saving time to creating structure and breaking bad habits. Its nit a surprise that we all aim for that perfect school routine including the morning rush! But where do we start? Luckily for us, a private school in Somerset have provided us with some great tips and tricks to help us all establish a good school routine in time for the new year!

Getting yourself and your family up, washed, dressed, fed and ready for the busy day ahead can seem like a mammoth task when your alarm is going off in the morning. The possibility of running late, leaving without breakfast or your children bickering with each other can make matters worse.

If this leaves you feeling stressed or dreading getting out of bed follow this advice to try and make it a bit easier for you and your family in the mornings.

Don’t leave it all till the morning

There are a few things you can prepare in the evening to save those precious short minutes in the morning. Get the packed lunches ready to go or lay out their school uniform and shoes ready for them to pop on. This will save time hunting for that pesky missing sock or shoe that seems to disappear every single morning! 

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Get Breakfast on the table

It is important not to skip breakfast as this is proven to be the most important meal of the day and provides with all of the energy we need for the rest of the day. To make sure you have time to eat, lay the table with breakfast cereals or try freezing a batch of muffins or pancakes that can be left out to defrost overnight. Have an emergency pack of breakfast bars in the cupboard for when you need to give your children something to eat on the go!

Get your 8 hours

If you want everything to run smoothly in the mornings, getting enough sleep is vital, so encourage your kids to have an early night. You’re all far more likely to wake up on time, feeling refreshed, if you’ve had a sufficient amount of sleep.

Time to wake up!

Always set your alarm half an hour earlier than the kids so you have time to get yourself ready before the morning rush begins. Set the alarm in your children’s room and leave it across the other side of the room forcing them to get up and turn it off and take away the temptation of hitting snooze with their eyes shut! You could try leaving the curtains open so that the sunrise will start to natural wake the children up before their alarms go off. 

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