Cherly Cole's performance on the X-Factor


I'm a bit lost for words, to be honest. If that had have been an attempt by one of the contestants, Simon would have ripped them to bits... Simon, it wasn't "INCREDIBLE"!!! It was crap!! I hope you watch it back later and change your opinion.

It's very clear to see now why she wanted to mime. She sounded out of breath and weak. Her hat was covering her eyes for some strange reason and I wanted to pull her trousers up!! Cheryl, love, you're not P!nk and you never will be!! As part of Girls Aloud, she's a valuable member but at least she's not going to split the group up by swanning off and starting a solo career.

I'll bet all of Whitney Houston's nerves disappeared whilst listening backstage... at least she's going to sound and look good after that!!


Bloody Hell!!! Whitney was almost as bad AND she looks smashed off her face... actually, she IS smashed off her face, can hardly open her eyes, is having trouble stringing two words together, can't really comprehend any questions that are put to her about the contestants from the night before (probably because she was smacked off her tits in her hotel and not watching the show) and her dress is falling off too :-o

Maybe Whitney wants to listen to her own words... "practise, practise, practise" not *snort*snort*snort*

Who's on next week? Pete Docherty?