My Filofax...

My life, my love... where would I be without it? Lost and confused most probably!!

I possess the dogs bollocks of all filofax's (in my opinion). It's an A5 Metropol Zip in black and stores everything I need to organise my life. It's big and bulky (it's a bit like me, really) but that suits me down to the ground because I have everything I need in one place - and a big zip to stop it all falling out. It also fits perfectly in my "work bag".

the order of my filofax is as follows:

Business cards of friends and work
3D digital image postcards for random competitions and writing to people
My Parker biro

A clear plastic pocket for stuffing receipts, stamps and stuff in
Filofax post-it notes (I cannot be without these)

SECTION 1: diary (week to 2-pages) with my unique colour codes (see below)
SECTION 2: personal information, ideas for blogs and writing, personal finances, library wish list, crafting notes, personal photos, etc.
SECTION 3: work notes, HR guidelines, etc.
SECTION 4: Uni notes, timetable, course results, list of courses
SECTION 5: fund raising ideas, committee tasks, list of contacts (people to annoy to give me things for prizes)
SECTION 6: blank paper, lined paper, to-do blanks, general notes, jottings, reminders that have to go in my diary at some point, unimportant things...

then my address/phone number section

a filofax hole punch (NO filofax should be without an appropriate hole punch!!!)
a mechanical pencil

I have a special colour-coded system (a) because I'm a bit anal about organising myself and bright colours drive me into doing something and (b) because it looks quite pretty *innocent look*.
Orange = Personal
Green/Yellow = Work related
Blue = Work related (Training)
Pink = Uni (usually deadlines or module start dates)

I often think that it's slightly too big to be carting around all over the place but if I tried to downsize I'd run out of writing space or would be a "section" short!!!. I love it, love it, love it!!!