The NHS - Should Celebrity Mums be allowed use the facilities?

It's been widely reported recently that Coleen Rooney will use an NHS hospital when she eventually goes into labour (she's due this week - 24th October). Now, NHS resources are stretched at the best of times and we've all heard the horror stories about shortages of midwives/beds/equipment being available, so should people who are worth in the region of £8,000,000 (yes, that's 8 million!) be considering using already scarce sources? If they can afford a bed in a private hospital, shouldn't they be paying for it?

I know the majority of us baulk at the amount of money the privileged throw at private health care but this is one instance that I, personally, don't mind. Once Ms Rooney goes into labour, the hospital in question (The Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust) is going to be besieged by the World Press. How do you think that is going to help the day-to-day activity (including all manner of emergencies) in the hospital because we all know that the paparazzi have no concerns about the general public just as long as they get their money shot!!!

Ms Rooney... your child is not going to remember where they were born but you are, love. You should have grasped this last opportunity for some "Me Time" with both hands and booked yourself in for a bit of pampering, no matter how down-to-earth you want to appear.