I HATE ASDA ON A FRIDAY EVENING - but I'm really sorry if you were in the queue behind me!

OMG Asda hahahah I nearly got killed in there!!

I got to the till with 16 cans of lager, one bottle of blackcurrant and 3 bottles of wine - about £22/23 so I thought...

the till racks up 29 fucking quid.....

I said to the girl, "Sorry love, it shouldn't be that much - those cans were 8 for £6!!" So she buzzes the manager... the manager looks and muses, wanders over to the shelf, comes back, agrees, changes the till, charges me the right price and fucks off.... all this time I'm apologising to the queue behind me because it's usually ME who gets caught behind some numpty who'd picked the only non-bar-coded item in the whole of the shop!!! Anyway, the girl behind the till scans the blackcurrant and then presses "TOTAL".... then we hear, "oh no, she's not authorised and over-rided it!!!!", so she has to call the manager again who has to do the whole till thing again and what-not!!!....

I turned to the queue that had formed down the aisle and past the toilet rolls and said, "I'm so sorry....." but I got 'da evils' from some Vikki Pollard look-a-like and her mother so I paid and scuttled back to my car, all the time looking over my shoulder!!

The moral of this story? Don't go to Asda on a Friday evening unless ABSOLUTELY necessary!!!


Nickie O'Hara Metro - Nickie O'Hara


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