Am I right to be encouraging my son to join the Armed Forces?

He's 16, in his final year at high school, is an "average" student and has no future plans for work or college.  He feels that he doesn't excel in anything apart from being utterly brilliant at Call Of Duty (all versions) on the X-Box 360!

He's mentioned on a number of occasions that he'd like to join the Armed Forces, currently favouring the Royal Air Force over the Army, but should I be actively encouraging this decision?

It was always my dream to join the RAF but a change in life plan meant that I had to forego that dream.  I don't want him to live my dream for me but I think it would be a wonderful chance both for the opportunities and the experiences.  However, we hear, almost on a weekly basis, about the soldiers - young and old - that are killed in action in the warring countries, the ones who did follow their dream.  And some of them are still only teenagers.  Is this what I want for my son?  Of course not!  But, in the same respect, I don't want to repress the small glimmers of hope he has for his future.

The recent reports of another young solider being killed brings back memories of this song.  When it was originally released I was 13 years old and it held no emotional connection.  Now, it just seems that history is repeating itself.