Note to self: DO NOT make lunch box up BEFORE drinking the morning cuppa

Yesterday I was in a bit of a rush - you know those mornings where you get up at the usual time but nothing seems to go to plan?  Well, on Tuesday morning, that was me and I had to forego my usual morning brew.

I flew downstairs and started making son #2's lunch.  I stared bleary-eyed into the cupboard and the fridge, realised I had not a thing to fill a sandwiches with so it would have to be that good old safety net - JAM BUTTIES.  I threw together a jam sandwich, wrapped it up in greaseproof paper, put into his lunch box with a cake bar, piece of fruit and some juice, hurled it at him and hurried him out of the door.

Wednesday morning arrives (this morning) and I open the fridge again to search for inspiration.  A voice behind me says,
"Mum, you know that jam you used yesterday?  Well, it was quite nice but please can I not have it again?  What is it?  It tasted unusual."
I opened the pantry cupboard and, yes, you've guessed it... I'd made a Cranberry Jelly Butty!!!


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