My Flip-Flops don't work!

For the sake of argument, lets call my right foot/shoe "FLIP" and my left foot/shoe "FLOP".

During the summer I bought a new pair of flip-flop type sandals for work.  I ended up not wearing them for work because of their "fault" and now use them in the house.  The right one will "FLIP" but the left one will not "FLOP".  This doesn't happen with any other slip-on shoes I have (so it's not the shape/flatness of my feet).

I like the FLIP-FLOP sound that flip-flops make but I don't like FLIP-
silence-FLIP-silence-FLIP..... it doesn't sound right.

So.... what do I do? Make the sound myself like a ventriloquist or just ignore it and hope that no-one else notices?


Nickie O'Hara Juice Lancashire Metro - Nickie O'Hara


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