Keith Chegwin blocked me on Twitter


No, seriously.  *sad face*  He was one of my 1970's hero.  I yearned for the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop roadshow to rock up near to where I lived so that I could swap some of my old Mandy annuals for the board game Go For Broke.  I applied to go on Cheggers Plays Pop but never heard back.  I even bought the record "I Wanna Be A Winner" by Brown Sauce...

I followed Cheggers' Twitter antics when he first joined, logging onto his live twitter shows with him reading out some of my comments/tweets.  He even followed me back in August 2009 and I have the email to prove it...

Recently, I thought he had gone a bit quiet but never thought anything of it.  My Twitter stream is busy enough to keep me occupied and I can always catch up with a Swap Shop hero by switching Channel 4 on at tea time and see Noel Edmonds giving it large on Deal or No Deal (who, incidently, is like Andi Peters - he NEVER looks any older!)  But a retweet appeared in my timeline.  I wondered why I hadn't seen it myself? So I clicked on the @thekeithchegwin name and saw that I wasn't following him any more!

I shook my fist at Twitter.  Damn you, Twitter for randomly unfollowing people. My life is incomplete without a few cheesy celebrities to brighten up my timeline and thought that Keith maybe wondering why he couldn't DM me but was too afraid to ask.

Then this appeared:

I rubbed my eyes and looked again.

What ON EARTH could I have done to offend Cheggers?  *very confused face*

Some of my followers stepped up to torment me with tales of DM's from Mr C.  You know... a lick-your-finger-and-draw-a-1-in-the-air type of teasing tweet.  But kudos to me at the end of the day.  Cheggers has had to read my tweets, allow himself to get annoyed enough with my inane ramblings and blog updates (his 69 tweets versus my 76,000+ tweets), navigate to my page, click the block button and carry on regardless.  You got an auto-DM.


Always find the positive in a situation.  WAH-HEY!