Who would win in a fight... ROUND 3

... between Tony Hart - presenter of Take Hart and Hart Beat in the 1970's, 1980's and sneaking into the 1990s - and Neil Buchanan - presenter of Art Attack from 1990 to 2007?

In the 'Gallery Corner' we have the very beige and sedate Tony Hart who introduced a whole generation of children to Morph and Chas, small scale artworks using unusual techniques and the much loved Gallery.  Did you know that Tony Hart also designed the Blue Peter badge too!

In the 'Big Art Corner' we have the borderline hyperactive Neil Buchanan with his lollystick calligraphy pens, the stone bust of The Head and the concept of taking the Big Art actually out of the studio and creating works out of lights on buildings in New York or creating an image of the Queen's head with £250,000-worth of bank notes.


Over to you...