Listography : Top 5 Keyword Searches

This week Listography is back over at KateTakes5's blog and she wants to know about the top 5 keyword searches on our blogs.  My top five are really boring.  Honestly, you don't want to know what they are.  You'll say, "Really, Nickie?  That's yawnsome!"

So here are some of the more interesting ones:

  • a pennis [sic] of a male inside the vagina of a woman
  • why women get drunk faster "alcohol"
  • answering the door safely 
  • male sexual tattoos
  • wizard of oz adult scarecrow full body

I have tried googling each of these search terms and can't find how someone has arrived on my blog using any of them!  I mean, I've never, ever written about the Wizard of Oz and why would I have a diagram of a willy inside a fanny on my blog, for fucks sake?

What's that?  You still want to know what the real top five are?  Well don't say I didn't warn you...

*shakes shoulder* Wake up... WAKE UP!!!