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blue skies, blue sky

Three weeks ago I wrote a post about feeling not quite right and how I was trying to get better.  Since then I have been using two Thinking Slimmer slimpods, taking Hormone Replacement Therapy, using half a sleeping tablet at night and trying to apply a Positive Mental Attitude.  The change in me has been immense - even my boss commented on it yesterday.  For the first time in over a year I've felt that goals are achievable and I can see a way forward.  This is exactly how I wanted the approach to my 40th birthday to be.

I took this picture yesterday - just a snapshot on my phone to prove not only that we had no snow in Lancashire but also that there were blue skies - and I realised that it represented me in a lot of ways.  A break in the clouds, a bit of blue sky in the distance but, also by chance, I caught the name of the building opposite... PROGRESS House.  

Now if that isn't 'a sign', I don't know what is.

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