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The Changing Face Of The Rovers Return

After becoming all "Outraged of Blackburn" at something earlier, my motivational email of the day from 'a friend' suggested that there are bigger things to pissed off about.  Well, I had a look around t'internet and I think... THINK... I have found my Outrage Button.

The set of Coronation Street is being rebuilt at Salford Quays to the tune of £10million.  But that's not what I'm outraged about...
They have built the road behind Coronation Street (Maudsley Road) and included Victoria Court Flats.  But that's not what I'm outraged about...
The set looks too 'new' so the builders are painting special dyes onto the brickwork and smashing chunks out of the brickwork to give it an aged look.  But that's not what I'm outraged about...

What I *am* outraged about is the fact that the Rovers Return seems to have had a second window installed during the rebuild.  See...

Rovers Return, Coronation Street
Top: new set.  Bottom: old set.

Whilst I'm on the subject, I thought I might as well mention that the Rovers Return appears to have had magical TARDIS-like qualities for many years.  A fellow forum member pointed these out to me many moons ago but I wonder if you've noticed them too?

  • If you enter the Rovers Return through the main door, walk straight ahead and turn right into the toilets, where do you think you would end up?  Yes, that's right,  Ken & Deirdre Barlow's living room.
  • Sit in one of the alcoves in front of the bar then consider where the Snug and the Select sections would have originally been back in the days of Ena Sharples and crew.  Is there enough room?
  • Walk behind the bar, through the hallway and into the living area.  Where on earth could the kitchen be where so many of Betty's hotpots were made?  In reality it would jut out into Rosamund Street, wouldn't it?

Now I've calmed down, "OUTRAGE" might be a slight exaggeration.  Interesting observations though, aren't they?