Soundtrack To My LIfe - Kirsty

Soundtrack To My LIfe
This Soundtrack To My Life comes from Kirsty. I feel privileged to have Kirsty in my online social circle. I love the way in which both her and her wife, Clara, break the taboos about same-sex marriage. They are very open about the way in which their relationship works, how it affects others and how parenting in a same-sex relationship isn't such a Big Thing as is often portrayed. All links are at the end of the post, but for now, it's over to Kirsty...


T-Rex - Cosmic Dancer 

This song reminds me of being a child. My dad was a big fan and I would find his Cassettes and play this in my walkman as it felt so familiar. When Billy Elliot came out it encouraged me to get the soundtrack on CD so that I could feel that my childhood again. I love putting this on on days where I want to remember where it all began.

Bell X1 – Eve, The Apple of my Eye 

I was going through a really rough time in my life, when I discovered this song. I would play it on loop and it would lift me, even if it is somewhat dark. Even now when I am feeling low I will pop this song on and feel surrounded.

Fyfe Dangefield - She's Always A Woman 

My wife and I spent quite a while planning our wedding music. We wanted our first dance to be incredibly special. So when we played this song, we felt it summed us up quite well. Dancing our first dance was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Fun - It Gets Better 

At the end of my wife's pregnancy, she started to have complications. We got a phone call one night to go into hospital so that she can be induced. So we popped on our favourite tunes and drove the 35 minutes to hospital. As we pulled into the hospital car park, this song was on. We looked at each other, bracing ourselves for the crazy night we were about to have, when the line of the song "this is really happening" played. It made us smile as our lives were about to change and it was indeed really happening.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Same Love 

This is quite a new song in my life. My wife heard this first and made me google it. I sat and listened and felt tears prick my eyes. It was a mainstream song, playing across mainstream radio stations and the message was a strong one. I hope more people increase the visibilty of LGBT issues through mediums which target a broad age range. We need these changes in our world.


Soundtrack To My LIfe
You can read all about Kirsty (and Clara and their son) on her blog, My Two Mums. Kirsty and Clara share a Twitter account which, as you may have guessed, is @mytwomums and you can also keep in touch via their Facebook page. I'd really recommend their YouTube Channel though - their Q&A sessions are FAB! 

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