Soundtrack To My Life - Jenni

soundtrack to my life
Jenni describes herself as a "20-something Mama, chief WAG and all round charity shop obsessive which is most definitely the perfect description!  She also mentioned when submitting her choices that there were so many other songs she could have included and that she's going to kick herself for not including some of them but we all know that's the beauty of Soundtrack To My Life, don't we?  Let's have a listen to the five that Jenni did choose...


Meatloaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light 

I grew up listening to Meatloaf, and it was the fist real tape I ever had of my own (my auntie bought me a copy) but this song has particular memories for me. When I was 18 me and my best friend worked in a pub together, at the end of our shift she would drive to the next village to pick up my boyfriend for me (she drove I didn't) and we would have this blaring out of her (very old) Citroen with all the windows down. Even now, whenever we go out we always sing and dance to it no matter what - she always does the boy parts and I do the female parts!

Ronan Keating - Life is a Rollercoaster

This reminds me of the summer I turned 16 and I believed I was invincible! I went to stay with my Aunt near London for the whole summer, acting as her neighbours au pair. My Aunt had a small sailing yacht in Poole and I spent my weekends lounging in the sun listening to the local radio and this was played on it -a lot! I'm not really sure why as I think it was out the year before, but it always brings back happy sunny youthful memories when life was just that little bit simpler and carefree!

Lemar - 50/50 

Not exactly the coolest song in my life but it brings back memories of uni. My friend and I would go out most nights as students do, get decidedly drunk, dance, have a kebab and go home. Once we had picked over our glorious kebabs (and tossed them to the ground only to spot on our hungover walk to uni the next day, I know shameful!) we would walk home singing this song. I'm never sure why and we barely knew the words aside from "50/50" which would we sing rather loud. It still makes me giggle now and I have a little sing to myself occasionally when under the influence!

Stereophonics - Traffic 

It wouldn't be a soundtrack to my life without a stereophonics song included. I've been a huge fan ever since an old boyfriend introduced me to then, and I went to my first gig at 18. This is a really old song that, during gigs, the audience sings along too. It makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck just thinking about it, and the atmosphere when this song is played is just electric. The lyrics are also thought provoking, and whenever I'm stuck in traffic it always comes to mind.

Blink 182 - I Miss You 

This is from a couple of years ago at Leeds festival, surrounded by good friends after a long sunny day filled with festival-type antics, it's fair to say we all got rather emotional at this point. Considering I never ought I would ever get to see this band (I've now seen them twice!) it was a really special moment. My friend and I always text each other various lines from the song so it doubly reminds me of her!


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