How we really feel about the NHS

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Not a day goes by when the news headlines don't feature a breaking story about the NHS. Whether it’s about strikes, protests, government cuts or negligence, we can't help but form our own opinions about our National Health Service.

As a controversial and often heated topic of conversation, it can be difficult to tell if there is a common thought amongst the public. Thousands, if not millions, of us turn to the NHS year-on-year and many would be lost without it – but does that mean we love it?

Compensation landslide

A report by the Standard revealed that the NHS in London alone pays on average £470,000 in compensation – and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The service pays on average £700 every day for every livebirth, according to a report by the BBC.

Due to the nature of these compensation pay outs, the vast majority are due to what is deemed to be negligence. Naturally, many in the public are angry, but not necessarily at the expense of the NHS. According to a survey by First4Lawyers, 50% of people across the UK believe that negligence is a direct result of staff being overworked.

The fault of the government

One of the most interesting news stories of recent months come in the form of the protests against government decisions in regards to the NHS. Thousands have stated their hatred for the changes and cuts that are putting further pressure on staff, with many publicly expressing their dislike for the government.

More than 50,000 marched in Manchester to protest against cuts in the NHS by the coalition government during the Conservative Party conference. To add to this event, 73% surveyed agreed with the protesters saying that they disagreed with the government proposals and actions.

Fears and concerns

Of course, few of us believe that the NHS itself is completely innocent. Fears for the NHS grow as winter settles across Britain as many wonder if the NHS can handle the pressure. So far, 2013 has proved to be a difficult year overall and the added pressure winter brings could be the straw that breaks the horses back.

Many feel that the NHS could do much to help itself, even if they believe the government isn’t helping. A huge 65% believe that the NHS wastes money, which could prove to become even more problematic should the majority of government cuts go ahead.

It doesn’t look as though the NHS will be saving money through lack of compensation unfortunately. An unsettling 29% of people know someone who has been mistreated by the NHS to a significant level, meaning something must be done, even if no one knows who by.

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