Christmas Gift Suggestions For That Hard To Buy Person

blue christmas tree

There is always one person in your life that is almost impossible to buy a present for either at Christmas or on their birthday. Over the past few weeks I have have been scouring the internet or testing products out to create this list of affordable and unusual gifts.  Here are my recommendations.

bloom and wild, flowers through the letterboxBloom and Wild

Not too long ago, I was sent a vase full of flowers through the post from Bloom & Wild.  You can read my full review here but three weeks on, and with some careful pruning, I still have over half of the display still standing loud and proud.  B&W have different subscription offers available so this would be the gift that goes on much longer than Christmas Day.

Close Shave Society Close Shave Society

Another subscription suggestion would be something from the Close Shave Society who brag that they have high quality razors and low prices and cater for both the male and female customer.  They are managing to keep their prices so low by cutting (no pun intended) out the middle man and selling direct to the customer.

merlin, bbc, 5-series box set

Merlin DVD box set

If you know someone who is a fan of the swords, sorcery and swashbuckling adventure series from the BBC then this complete collection is an ideal gift.  You can find out more about it here but this box-set includes all five series, special bonus features, audio commentary, deleted scenes, out-takes and a "Making Of The Series" documentary.

LEGO Deluxe Box

LEGO Deluxe Box

If you are looking for a LEGO starter kit for the children or the grandchildren then this LEGO Deluxe Box  is the one for you.  It has over 700 pieces including wheels, windows, doors, a base plate and two mini figures. And the best thing about LEGO is that the basic design hasn't changed so you can always add to your existing collection and never worry that it isn't going to work (or that the batteries are going to run out).  LEGO is the best toy for expanding imaginative play.  We are big fans of the sturdy storage box too.

There's an interesting study here from Idealo that notes the price rise of LEGO in the run up to Christmas.

Guinness Book of Records 2014Guinness Book Of World Records

For the past two years we have been lucky enough to have been guests of Guinness World Records at two of their events.  The official Guinness World Records book is always high on my list of gifts and it's always one for the family and one for my nephews.  It's very possibly the only book you can guarantee is going to be a hit across all the generations.

london moleskine

London Moleskine

A friend of mine sent me the London Moleskine as a little surprise gift.  It was my first moleskine (I know...) and I immediately fell in love with the way in which it can be used for both city types and visitors.  I'm going to use it as my London travel journal and have already filled in some little bits of information that I want to remember and pass on to others.

Thomas J Fudge's Remarkable Bakery, biscuits, crackersThomas J Fudge's Remarkable Bakery

From a bakery that has been established for almost 100 years, here are some really unusually flavoured nibbly bits in both sweet and savoury flavours.  I have reviewed this product in my column on The High Tea Cast but I'd recommend grabbing the Many-Shaped Miscellany of Biscuits for Cheese as a gift that looks and feels posh.

Mamas And Papas X-Cel Dolls Pram

My granddaughters love playing 'Families' with their dolls so I've been busy knitting some clothes as part of their Christmas present along with some blankets for this fantastic Mamas and Papa's pram.   The best thing about this pram is that it looks and feels like the real thing and the accessories (changing bag and parasol) are great little additions.  The adjustable handle means that they will be able to continue playing with it for many years.

Bluffers Guide booksBluffer's Guide To...

The Bluffer's Guide books help you to perfect the art of blagging your way through a certain subject - starting with Bond, on to Dogs and then through to Opera, Management and Surfing for example.  You can buy the books individually, as a pre-prepared three-book box set or even make up your own three-book box set.  I think I may have found the perfect gift for my Dad (he's getting Beer, Wine and Cars).

Better Body Workouts For Women, book, exercise, dietBetter Body Workouts For Women

I try hard not to recommend gender specific items but the Better Body Workouts For Women book this book is a great resource which includes recommendations for fitness including a workout diary, appropriate work-out clothing, diet and supplements and clearly explained exercises with clear pictures.

Our Mouse In The House

Everyone is all about 'Elf On The Shelf' this year.  Not us though! We've got our Mouse In The House watching over the Christmas proceedings - and this is just one of the quirky little gifts and decorations on offer from Home Sense.

Straw Hat wine

Straw Hat Wine

Cheap and cheerful wine (and only available from Bargain Booze as far as I can work out - 3 for £10) but this is the only wine that I enjoy in every colour (white, rosé, red). Grab a bottle to take along to a party and pretend it's a lot more expensive that it actually is.  Trust me on this one...

Some of these products were sent to me to test/review, however my opinions remain true.  
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