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Soundtrack To My LIfe
The best thing about Soundtrack To My Life is the discovery of new music - music that you should have heard at some point in your life but it's completely passed you by.

Susanne's Soundtrack To My Life has brought three new tunes into my world which, I suppose, could be repayment for being her Blogging Godmother (her words, not mine). Apparently, I explained how to send a tweet - so it's all my fault.  And on that note, it's over to Susanne...


 Air - Highschool Lover 

In July 2002 I walked down the 'aisle' to this song and I can never listen to it without feeling a strange mix of sadness, excitement and fear. Shortly before I entered the room out of which I would leave a married woman, my step-father and I sat in a small room with no windows. We'd signed the paperwork and we were waiting to be called to action. My stepfather looked at me -finally! He has been avoiding my eye all morning - and tears started to roll down his cheeks. I panicked then. In those tears I saw all of his hopes for me and all of his love too, which had often been shrouded in the cloak of 'you're not my real dad' for so many years. I knew then that the fact that my 'real dad' was not there answered so many more questions for me. It was a huge moment and this song brings it all back so vividly.

The Lemonheads - Luka

My beautiful son. I had this song play as the clock turned 6.45pm on his first birthday, marking exactly one year to the minute since he was born. I made sure that he was in my arms as the song played and I allowed myself to shed some tears. Three days later I blogged his birth story and since then I have not looked back. My son's birth ripped my life apart and I spent months and months trying to figure out how to put it back together again. In the end, I came to realise that things won't ever be the same again. I can't undo what has happened but I can work with it and find a way to live with it. This song makes me smile. It makes me think of my lovely golden haired boy- the boy who changed everything.

Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit 

My husband introduced me to Ben Folds in the form of Ben Folds Five three or four days after we first met. I have a lovely memory of ditching work for the day and sitting around listening to music, randomly eating peanuts and just laughing. I love ALL of Ben Folds' music but it was seeing him perform this song that really swung this choice for me. He is an awesome live entertainer and we had so much fun watching him play piano along to this song. This song represents so much happiness for me. Being out, listening to music, laughing and sharing moments together. Happy, happy times.

Deathcab for Cutie - I will Follow you into The Dark 

For me, this is the most beautifully written songs. I had a very vivid memory linked to this song. It was three days after my son was born and I was home from the hospital. I was in the shower. I had not looked at myself since my son had been ripped from my body. But I had to. I was covered in bruises from neck to knees and I could barely stand straight and as the water beat down on me I cried - in physical pain and in emotional agony. This song came into my head and I remembered that it had been in my head at the hospital too. That moment when the machine stopped beeping and my baby stopped kicking. That moment when I thought I had lost him and I thought I would follow him. That is what I thought. This is the song I heard. Since then, I have thought of this song often and it always takes me back to that moment.

De La Soul - The Magic Number 

I think I found it. The magic number. Three. My three beautiful children. I never thought I would really feel 'done' when it came to babies but actually now I think I am. I *think*...


Soundtrack To My LIfe
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