My Dr Martens Stand For Lancashire

I saw the #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign tweeted out by Dr Martens a couple of days ago. I then saw that my buddy, Sian, had designed her own boot using their Facebook app so I've jumped on the bandwagon. 

Dr Martens #standforsomething

Seeing as though Sian totally stole my idea I decided to stay local and stand loud and proud for Lancashire. I never thought that a slightly out-of-focus picture of Blackpool Tower could look so awesome.

There are much more meaningful campaigns on the Dr Marten Facebook page. Go and make your own on the Facebook app and then leave me a link to the picture in the comments so I can have a nosy.

Edited to add:  I got a bit carried away and designed another. Now I can't decide which I like best. Which one would you choose?

Dr Martens #standforsomething