Friends... Hashtagged!

This week there was an article on Buzzfeed which pointed out that (the television series) Friends was pre-hashtag, i.e. there was no suggestion on screen telling you what to tweet or how to involve other Twitter users in your tellybox watching experience.  They already included my favourite three - #Pivot, #Unagi and #Seven - but to make them even better here they are in .gif format!

Friends, Pivot,

Friends, Unagi,

Friends, Seven,

Anyhoooo, I felt like it was only a quarter of an article because they had missed so many out. So, with a little help from my fellow Friends addicts actual friends here are the ones that Buzzfeed missed out with my ABSOLUTE favourite ever scene at the end.


Friends, Oh My God


Friends, Mississippily


Friends, Woopah


Friends, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock


Friends, Regina Phalange


Friends, Paper, Snow, A Ghost


Friends, je m'apelle Claude


Friends, Yemen Road


Friends, Moo point


Friends, Va fa Napoli



Friends, They've made a paste


Friends, London, baby





Friends, What did I marry into?


Did I include your favourite?  Did I miss out your favourite?  Let me know what it is and I'll add it in.  With thanks to Louis Peitzman of Buzzfeed and my mates Kate, Erica, Jane and Amanda for making me giving me the inspiration to do this.


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