An Interview With... Me!

It's been years since I took part in a Q&A session prompted by another blogger but Liska at New Mum Online has included me her list of favourite bloggers victims.  At first I read her post when I'd had a glass or two of wine so set off answering the questions that she'd answered.  Then I realised that she had made her own questions up at the end and I'm supposed to answer those.  SO MANY RULES - I'M SO CONFUSED.  Anyway... I'm not sure I've answered them all as expected but then that's the risk you take when you ask me questions.  


If you're into soaps, are you a Corrie or Enders girl?
Neither.  I used to spend half my evenings glued to the soaps, getting attached to all the characters and their story lines and investing too much time in pretend situations.  I can't remember when I tore myself away from them but that part of the evening is now dedicated to replying to emails and studying.  

What's your favorite You Tube video?
This one.  I bet you thought it was going to be a music one, didn't you?  More of the same here

If you were to be rescued from a fire and given a fireman's lift by a celebrity, who would he be?
If it has to be a man then it should be Simon le Bon or Mark Salling.  If it was a woman then it would be Emma Thompson or Uma Thurman.  

What is your favourite childhood book?
Maggie and the Roundabout and The Turbulent Term Of Tyke Tyler.  Oh and Forever by Judy Blume. I still have my original copies of all of these along with a whole load of other favourite books from my past. You can read about those here

Are you a Mummy or Daddy's girl?
I'm not ready to answer this question.  

Bath or shower?
Both (not at the same time...) - bath to relax in, shower for speed.

Have you ever seen or sensed a ghost? Tell me about it!
Don't make me roll my eyes.  o_0

When do you feel at peace? How? When?
I like the end of the evening, just as I'm climbing into bed, when the whole house is quiet and everyone is asleep (I'm usually the last one to bed).  I know that we are as secure as we can be, I am warm and comfortable and I am just about to listen to a podcast to help me wind down completely.

If I voted you for PM, what would you change about the UK?
Where to start?  I would create a "super Government" which would include one representative from each party and all decisions would be made by round table discussions.  Real people with real opinions would be given the chance to come and work for me and share their thoughts, moving forward to adjust existing policies accordingly to make a fairer system for all.  I would also create a scheme that allowed school leavers to participate in a confidence/motivation course and then to train for a career or a trade or to opt in for National Service.  The idea behind this would be that school would be based on ability rather than age and would be for learning basic curriculum and life skills eradicating the need for 14 year olds to choose what subjects to study that may (or may not) shape the rest of their lives. 

The youth of today are....... [finish that sentence]
Not given the chance to be heard.

What's your superfood of choice?
I have no idea what a "superfood" is. Is it a new buzzword?  If it is food that I think is super then I choose Holland's steak pudding and proper home made chips.  


So, now I have make up some questions and ask people to answer them.  I'll add in links to their answers when they complete them.  And yes, I will hunt them down and make them do it!  Feel free to join in too and let me know when you're done.

Who would you like to dance with and why?
Roller Disco or Ice Skating?
What music do you listen to?
Mayo or Ketchup?
How do you evaluate success?
What is your social media platform of choice and why?
What would be your chosen superpower?
Going out or staying in?
Who would you like to have a brew and a chat with?
Who is your biggest female influence?
What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?



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