Listography : Simple Pleasures

Time for another Listography, prompted by Kate.  This week she wants to hear about simple pleasures. Mine are nothing amazing (and probably quite predictable) but they elicit a little smile and give me a bit of a much needed boost.


urban sunset
Urban living means that you don't see a great (true) sunset too often but you do experience some great skies so when I catch a sunset from the back yard it can feel quite special.

A Lie-In
On occasion, the alarm is turned off and I wake up naturally.  Knowing that I can get up and not have to rush about is a small luxury that isn't often afforded. On normal working/school days I am usually the first one up, letting the dog out, pottering about just doing those little jobs that take a couple of minutes and ensuring that everyone is up and out on time. 

crochet circle
Now that I have taught myself to crochet I am constantly on the look out for yarn to make another afghan throw and I'm practising new ways to use the stitches that I know.  I also still love to knit and I'm buying some wool today so that I can knit myself a dress. 

Finding a website where I can watch shows that I've missed.
I'm a HUGE Dance Moms fan (don't knock it until you've tried it) and since we cancelled our Sky subscription it hasn't been easy to keep up with shenanigans at the Abby Lee Dance Studio.  So when StumbleUpon threw up a website that shows the most recent episodes the day after they are aired in America then I get slightly excited.  The same exercise has also provided a website where I can watch TV boxsets for free too so Breaking Bad, here I come!

London Underground stickers
Unexpected Gifts
Friends that completely and utterly appreciate your inner geek send the most awesome stuff to cheer you up when its needed.

Your turn now.  What are your simple pleasures?