Soundtrack To My Life - Sadie

Soundtrack To My Life
This Soundtrack To My Life is from Sadie who is one of my "online friends" (yes, another... ).  Her tunes are exactly what I'd dance to and I've even had the first one as my ringtone too.  A great mix of genre with some fabulous memories attached.  Over to Sadie...


Soft Cell - Tainted Love 

This is the song that was playing when I first realised that Boys were attractive. I was 11 and his name was Jamie, a very exotic name in 1981!. I remember being stood by the stage at the Youth Club, listening to this song and looking at him surrounded by girls. I was so shy and although I think my friend told him, I don't think my love was reciprocated. He left our school to go and live in America (I don't know how true that was!!) and I didn't have a boyfriend until I left school! Tainted Love is now my ring tone as it catapults me back to the beginning of my adolescence, and the start of the wonderful eighties.

The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash 

Growing up we had one of those radio grams it looked like a sideboard and housed a record player one end, a radio the other (with stickers on for the new frequencies!) and my Dad's vast Stones Album collection. Music was played a lot and the Stones were a massive early influence. I chose JJF because it's simply my favourite. For non Stones Fans, I could have taken influence from my Mum's taste in music and we'd all be listening to Mandy by Barry Manilow (everyone's singing it in their heads now!!)

Grove Armada - I See You, Baby 

It's all to do with the line 'shakin' that ass'.

I laboured with my Daughter standing at the end of the hospital bed rhythmically shaking my bum, singing this and laughing on the entinox. We went on to have a rather fraught forceps delivery with some issues, so this reminds me of that nice point in her birth that I was very happy and excited about becoming a Mummy.

Eminem - Lose Yourself 

Like lots of people I suffer bouts of depression and during a very low point after having my children a colleague took advantage of this and I was bullied at work. Now I'm not sure of all the words but the attitude of the song worked for me as each morning I played this on my ipod on the walk from my car. It helped to make me determined not to let this person win and I would sing it to myself if it was all getting too much. On a lighter note, I am surprisingly a 40 something Mum of two who LOVES Hiphop (and I occasionally wear a hoody, although not with one trackie leg rolled up, WTF???)

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

I know, I know but it was all over the place when I met my Husband, and we consider it to be 'Our' song. Although we couldn't really have it as a first dance at our August Wedding! And I DO really, really love Christmas!


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