The Gallery : #WIDN (What I'm Doing Now)

This isn't really a "what I'm doing now", it's more a "what I was doing then" or a "I wish I was still doing that" type of Gallery entry today.

This time last week I was on a short break in Tunisia with my husband. It is only the second time we've been away on our own in our 24 years of being together. Whilst we were away, we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary with very little pomp and ceremony. We did absolutely nothing whilst we were away; we never left the hotel, we sunbathed, we swam in the sea, we didn't get drink copious amounts of alcohol, we allowed ourselves half an hour a day to catch up on British news and Facebook alerts on our tablets using the fairly erratic hotel wi-fi connection (hence where I saw the Gallery prompt) and just properly chilled out.

Here's more of what we did (and didn't) do...

taxi, Tunisia

Monastir, Tunisia

horse, beach, tunisia

We also watched the sun set...

Tunisia, sunset, Monastir, Sousse,

...and watched it rise again.  A lot!

sunrise, Tunisia, Monastir

And here is a gratuitous planescape 
(of which I have more and will be added to my collection very soon)

planescape, Tunisia, Airbus321,

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