Affordable Fountain Pens

I believe its important to write with a good pen because of many factors but mainly because I find it improves your handwriting and shows individuality. Even with my love of all things digital I'm finding that handwriting (along with spelling and grammar) is becoming a lost art. So, this month for my collaboration with Bureau Direct, I chose to compare two fountain pens from the affordable end of their range, especially as the first Friday in November is Fountain Pen Day.

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The two fountain pens I chose to test are the Lamy Safari (in white) and the Platignum Studio (in lime). I filmed a short video which compares the two pens side by side and also a writing test.

As I mention in the video, I am enjoying both pens equally which really surprises me. I thought I would prefer one over the other, especially as the Lamy came so highly recommended. It's also worth noting that the "bleed through" I mention on the video is because I tested the inks in a moleskine notebook. Other notebook paper (for example, a Leuchtturm or a Rhodia) would hold the ink better. 

The Lamy currently retails at £13.95 (RRP £15.50) and the Platignum Studio is priced at £12.95 and at these prices I think they make very affordable, long lasting gifts for family or friends. The packaging for the Lamy is very "stationery shop" but it does come with a soft plastic protective case (in grey) and the Platignum, as you saw, could be wrapped and gifted in its own box.

What is your favourite pen to use? Are you a fountain pen user or love a good old biro? Let me know in the comments. And remember that if you want me to test something before you buy it, let me know and I'll arrange it.  

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BREAKING NEWS:  Dominic from Bureau Direct has shared a little-known top tip with me.  Did you know that Lamy T10 cartridges have a secret chamber in the end? If you run out of ink, give the cartridge a sharp tap on the table and it should release this extra ink.

Because this is a blogger/brand relationship, here's a link to my disclosure policy

mini cube pad, crown mill, bureau direct, Oohh, I almost forgot... I spotted this really cute mini cube pad from Crown Mill for little "Don't Forget" type notes-to-self. I've broken it up into even more mini note-pads and dotted them around the house (there is one in my kitchen, one on my little side table in my lounge, one by my bed, a couple on my desk, and one in my bag).