Grease In Five Minutes (or 25 Pictures)

Grease is one of my all-time favourite films. I know it back to front and I'm word perfect in all the songs (I always wanted to be Rizzo).  But, just in case you've never seen it - or haven't seen it for ages - here's the story of Grease in pictures.


Danny and Sandy meet during the school holidays. They fall in love with each other but realise that it's destined to be a holiday romance as Sandy has to return to Australia.  Danny tells her, "It's not the end, it's just the beginning."

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Term starts again and Danny resumes his position as cock of the school and leader of the T-Birds gang...

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...whose girlfriends are The Pink Ladies - the coolest girls in the school.

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Sandy doesn't go back to Australia after all and, by coincidence, enrols in the the same school as Danny as a foreign exchange student (but neither of them know yet).  Sandy pals up with Frenchy, one of the Pink Ladies. At lunch time, she tells everyone about her holiday romance at exactly the same time Danny tells the T-Birds about his holiday romance.

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 Sandy lets slip that her holiday romance was called "Danny Zucko" so whilst Sandy is enlisted into the school cheerleading team The Pink Ladies work out how to reunite Danny and Sandy at the next prep rally.

Danny and Sandy are shocked and overjoyed to see each other but Danny needs to protect his cool image so brushes off the excitement.  Sandy is rather upset and runs off in tears.

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In at attempt to cheer Sandy up, Frenchy organises a sleep-over at her house with the rest of the Pink Ladies. They introduce Sandy to ear-piercing and wine-drinking which doesn't go too well. Frenchy tells the rest of the Pink Ladies that she is dropping out of high school to attend a beauty course, then Rizzo makes fun of Sandy through the medium of song. 

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The T-Birds arrive at Frenchy's house so Rizzo has a flirt with Kenickie and they drive off together.  During a making-out session in the back of the car a condom breaks. Then they are interrupted by the leader of a rival 'gang' - the Scorpions - who damages Kenickie's car.

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Meanwhile, Marty (from The Pink Ladies) advises Sandy to "get over" Danny and offers her one of her many male penpals. Sandy decides to nip outside in her nightie and sing a song whilst looking into an empty paddling pool instead.

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The T-Birds decide to give Kenickie's car a bit of a make-over and fantasize about what it would look like.  Danny convinces the other T-Birds that it could be a "major piece of machinery".

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Danny later bumps into Sandy at the local cafe where he attempts to make amends but she is now on a date with one of the football jocks.  In a true feminist move, Danny decides to try and change to become the sort of man that Sandy wants to be with. He joins the basketball team and the wrestling team...

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...all with disastrous results but find that he is pretty good at running. He sees Sandy watching from the bleachers and attempts to impress her. After a bit of a tumble, Sandy runs to make sure Danny is OK, the jock is dismissed and Sandy and Danny are reconciled.

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Danny and Sandy attempt a date where they can be alone so choose the cafe where most of Rydell High seems to hang out (!). Rizzo and Kenickie have an almighty row and everyone leaves...

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...apart from Frenchy who admits to one of the staff at the cafe that she's been having problems at beauty school by revealing pink hair that she's been hiding under a scarf. Frenchy then dreams about a guardian angel who tells her what she needs to do with her life.

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The Rydell High school dance is chosen to be filmed for a live TV show. Rizzo has paired up with the leader of the Scorpions so Kenickie pairs up with the rival gang leader's ex-girlfriend, Cha-Cha, who just happens to have also dated Danny in the past. Marty flirts with the TV star.  

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Danny and Sandy are amazing in the televised dance-off but Sandy gets taken away from Danny and Cha-Cha jumps in her place.  Sandy storms out and Danny and Cha-Cha end up winning the dance-off. 

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Keen to make amends (yet again), Danny arranges to take Sandy to a drive-in movie where he gives her his ring. Sandy accepts this as an apology and realises that Danny respects her. 

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During the movie, Danny attempts to cop a feel and trys to kiss Sandy.  She screams, gets out of the car, throws his ring back at him and leaves the drive-in leaving Danny to sing a song to express his true feeling of loss.

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In the meantime, Rizzo has been naughty with two boys and has earned herself a bit of a reputation. She thinks she may be pregnant but is unsure who the father could be.

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Finally the car has been finished and a race has been organised between Kenickie and the leader of the Scorpions.  Kenickie asks Danny to be his 'second' and we see a bit of a bromance then a switch to 'play it cool'. 

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Kenickie ends up not being able to drive the car so Danny takes over and races in Kenickie's place. Danny wins, obviously. Sandy is watching from afar and decides that she really does want to be with Danny so needs a bit of a make-over to become 'his sort of girl' She asks Frenchy to help out.

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It's the last day of school and there's a carnival in the school grounds. Danny is wearing a letterman's sweater because of his (never since mentioned again) involvement with the athletics team. It's all part of his own make-over to become the type of boy that Sandy wants to be with.

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Sandy arrives at the carnival wearing skintight black trousers, an off-the-shoulder top, a black leather jacket and red peep-toe high heeled shoes. She's had her hair and make-up done and she's smoking (in both senses of the term)!

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Danny finds Sandy extremely attractive, whips his cardigan off, falls at her feet, dribbles a bit and then dances off into the Fun House with her.

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Rizzo finds out that she isn't pregnant so her and Kenickie make up (and make out) with each other. The whole gang is back together again and it's a happy ending.

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