What A 15-Year Old Wants For Christmas

Over the weekend I posted a rather irate Facebook status bemoaning the bombardment of Christmas advertising when we were only just into November. On the other hand I have been trying to get my 15-year old son to write something that resembles a list of Christmas presents much in the same way he did when he was 10.  When you read the list it's a stark reminder of how much your youngest child is growing up fast.

So far, he wants:
  1. A mountain bike because his best mate lives in the next town so he spends a huge amount of time cadging lifts or using a bike that's a little bit too small for him now he's 6'2".
  2. An iPad (there's a good selection online at Tesco Direct) so that he doesn't have to borrow his Dad's iPad or my tablet all the time.
  3. An iTunes voucher for some music or games downloads.
  4. XBox games.  I think he's hankering after the new Call of Duty game and Fifa 15.
  5. Microsoft points to purchase "maps" or "players" on the aforementioned X-Box games (I'm oblivious to all of this).
  6. Skinny jeans and other items of clothes that make all the 15 year old boys look like clones of each other.
  7. A parka coat.
  8. Two pairs of football boots (grass and astro turf) now that he has been chosen for the school football team.

christmas present suggestions

I always thought that as he got older we might get a bit of a lie-in on Christmas morning but, no, he's just as excited on The Big Day now as he was when he was younger so we've always deferred from giving money because that never feels like an actual present, does it? For us, part of the Christmas experience is about the unwrapping and the surprises. Of course he'll get the usual smellies, socks and undies (it's a O'Hara family tradition) but I'm currently on the look out for a surprise 'wow' present that he won't be expecting at all, so if you have any ideas let me know! 

This post was written for Tesco. For more information please see my disclosure policy.