Seven Ways To Make A Decision

to-do list, decision making, This year has been one of many changes. Each one of those changes has involved making a decision that would forge a new path. Some of those decisions were easy to make, others were extremely scary.  In my old job I would have a specific process which would help me make (business) decisions but in my normal life I have many processes which I can adapt to certain situations. 

Seven Ways To Make A Decision

1.  Have A Deadline

For me, this is important for everything. If there is no end point then you can faff around forever trying to work out which is the decision to make.  

2.  Make A To-Do List

I talk endlessly about my BOAT (Book Of All Things). Using a variation of the bullet journal method I write everything down in list format, code it, take notes, brain-dump and then tick everything off when it is done (SO satisfying!). This works perfectly in conjunction with my Filofax too. 

3.  Data + Information = Knowledge

Combining facts (data) and additional information (and also using beliefs and expectations) I can build a map inside my head that helps me to evaluate an end outcome, i.e. if I do x then y will happen.

4.  Horoscopes or Tarot

Many people believe their destiny is written in the stars or the cards. They take great comfort in knowing that the movement of the planets is mapping out their future. It's the same with Tarot; the turn of a card can help someone take that step into the unknown.  


This method was my favourite when working in a traditional office setting (albeit sometimes it was time consuming).  Mapping out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a situation on paper shows me how easy/difficult a task will be to complete. 

6. Gut Instinct

We need to trust our instincts. If something feels 'right' then it probably is. We are feeding off previous experiences and existing knowledge when we feel this gut instinct so immediately know whether it's the right or wrong thing to do.  

7. Phone A Friend

Playing out a scenario with a friend and having their input helps me see a situation in a different light. They may also have had to do something similar so can tell me how it worked out for them.

What do you do to make a decision?  Let me know your secret! 

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