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I feel as though I'm as blind as a bat sometimes and I flip between wearing glasses and contact lenses. Glasses are my go-to face furniture because they are so easy to throw on and forget about however I love contact lenses because of vanity but also for running and wearing sunglasses

When GlassesShop asked me to review their service it fell at a fortuitious time because my favourite pair of glasses had recently broken and I was wearing my spare pair. After a browse of their website I chose the Aubervilliers Rectangle in Black because I was recently told that I should choose frames that follow the shape of my eyebrow and these seemed to fit that option.  I also chose a photochromic tint so they became light sensitive, an anti-reflective coating to stop glare and a super-hydrophobic coating so they were water resistant. 

Aubervilliers Rectangle Frames in Black from GlassesShop.com

I've always visited an optician for my prescription eyeglasses so ordering online was a whole new experience - and one that felt a little daunting at first.  I didn't need to worry though as there were full and easy-to-follow instructions on the website.  All I needed was my prescription (available from my optician - everyone is entitled to retain a copy of their own prescription) and a ruler to measure the distance between my pupils (the pupillary distance).

Once you have chosen your frames, each stage of the order is clearly defined with pop-up help bubbles if you need them and the whole ordering process takes about 10-15 minutes. The glasses do come from China so there is a slight wait for their delivery - mine were delivered in just over three weeks.   What do you think?

Aubervilliers Rectangle - Black

I can fully recommend GlassesShop for purchasing cheap glasses online. Also, if you use the code NickieX20 you'll receive a 20% discount from your first order. They have a huge range of styles for men, women and children and the offer a "try on" service in which you can upload a photograph of yourself and overlay the frames onto the image to give you an idea of what they would look like. 


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