Things I Learnt In June

You seem to enjoy these "what I have learnt" updates so here are this weeks - again, in no particular order...

The next generation still love traditional and classic poems like Albert And The Lion, which I joyously recited (off by heart... oh yes, I did) to my two granddaughters after hearing that one of them was visiting Blackpool Zoo next week. She's not allowed to take a stick with a horse's head handle... y'know, just in case...

headmaster, Ferris Bueller, gif, My youngest child official left school last week *sob*.  However, this week we received a letter from the school which led us to believe that he'd missed one of his exams due to their incompetence. I had to ring the deputy head and, after our initial conversation, in my mind he was running around the school like the headmaster on Ferris Bueller to get the situation sorted out.

The old guy that lives next door doesn't realise how loud his TV is when he's watching (what we think is) porn.  He also watches it at very unusual times, like Saturday afternoon at two o'clock or Wednesday evening just before seven o'clock.  Whatever it is he's watching, I know that it's definitely not the local news or Emmerdale. 

Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated (by me) because I didn't actually die when I ran up Buncer Lane.

If The Wonder Years aired today then it would have been set in 1995 as it was set twenty years in the past. Also, if Back To The Future took place today, Marty McFly would be travelling back to 1985. [side note: brilliant BTTF article right here]  

Gary Barlow's old house is now a very sought-after wedding venue. I have no idea where he lives now. 

Phoenix Nights, Hit Me Baby One More Time, gif, Archie Kelly, Kenny Senior, Peter KayI revisited Phoenix Nights, after watching Peter Kay's Car Share, and now I can't hear Hit Me Baby One More Time without thinking of Archie Kelly's recreation of the video in the Stars In Our Eyes episode (S2E6)

I learnt how to make a gif (see the Phoenix Nights clip).

I was slayed by a teen when I suggested that the term was "fleek" but was corrected and told it was "on fleek" (verified by the Urban Dictionary) and therefore I thought I should give up social media because I'm old.  I may have redeemed myself by knowing what ''af'" means though so I think I'm still OK.

I'd forgotten how beautifully poignant Lucy Spraggan's song, 'Tea and Toast' is:

What have you learnt this week? Let me know.