Summer Bargains At The Works

In my role as "Stationery Blogger Of The Year", I often indulge in my habit of going round all the local stationery stores and stroking notebooks checking out the most recent stock.

I wandered into The Works to take see if I could take advantage of their summer sale and grab some bargains to pass on to the grandchildren for when they go back to school and also to see if there was anything I could put away ready for (dare I say it... ) Christmas.

Summer Bargains At The Works

The Works is always a great place to pick up a few books - and there's a huge collection of non-fiction books - my favourites are always a good biography and a new recipe book - although I'm definitely thinking about picking up the "How To Brew Your Own Beer" book and take myself back to the 1980s when there was always a demijohn or two in the airing cupboard from Dad's experiments!
"...a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge."
Game of Thrones is so popular at the moment and there is some great GoT merchandise to choose from including a 7-book set, a Lannister book and character figures. Plus, what home is complete without a three-eyed raven?

If you're into the fidget spinner game then The Works have a whole range of spinners, cubes and sticks with demonstration vidoes, information about how to choose the best performing fidget spinner (it's all in the bearings, apparently) and a short history of how fidget spinners were introduced to help children cope with conditions such as ADHD and Autism by using their fine motor skills.

And there's always space in my life for a new notepad. I love the covers with quotes on and the blocks of sticky notes. Both are always such good value for money! 

Have a browse around The Works website or in your local store then come back and tell me what you'd choose.