Top 5 Accessories Every Car Geek Needs

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

We use our cars for everything, from commuting to work, dropping kids off at school and going on holiday. You spend an average of 17,600 minutes per year in your car. They are brilliant and practical machines, but they don’t have everything. Once you have found a car on a great car lease deal or bought a new one and checked when the MOT expires, you need to find yourself some additional accessories.

There are a variety of accessories available for you to use on your journeys. Some of these accessories are only used for certain times, but it is well worth owning them regardless, in case you ever need them.

We’ve partnered up with Hippo Leasing to let you know what their most commonly seen car accessories are.

Cup Holder Car Mount

Let’s be honest, how many of you actually use your cup holder to hold a cup? I bet it is actually filled with change for car parks and other items. So, what if you could put something more useful in your cup holder?

It is illegal to use your phone whilst driving. Simply being seen with your phone in your hand whilst driving is enough for you to be fined and have points put on your licence. But there are times when you use your phone as your sat-nav, so how do you do that if you can’t look at it? Get yourself a car mount for your phone that fits into your cup holder. This allows it to remain stable throughout your journey and you can see the navigation on the phone with ease.

Cooler & Warmer Box in your car

This item is definitely for those holiday trips in the car. There are a variety for sale, but most carry 9-litres of food and drink storage capacity. This means you can keep drinks and meat cool for your journey in the summer if you so wish. Yet when winter comes, it will keep your food at the correct temperature.

These boxes are powered by electricity, which means they will need to be power by your car battery. However, many have low-voltage automatic cut-off systems that will save your battery if it gets too low. All the time, delivering you the food and drink at the right temperature. 

Sat-Nav projected onto your windscreen

There was once a time when you needed a sat-nav either installed in your car or on a mounted screen to use them. No longer. Now, you can purchase a heads-up display that pairs with your phone screen and projects it onto your windscreen whilst driving.

This ensures the screen is always in your line of sight whilst driving. It can be used for maps, but because it is connected through your phone, it does have other functions. It will display notifications such as text messages and phone calls.

It also detects how fast you are going and displays that. This is very useful as it prevents you having to glance down at your speedo to check your speed. Instead, you continue to watch the road with your speed just out of the corner of your eye.

Boot organiser

There are times when we need to be organised. A big open boot space isn’t helpful because it encourages mess. But you can solve this thanks to a boot organiser. This item allows you to organise what ever is in your boot into neat compartments.

This is great if you do a lot of business out of your boot or if you have a family, especially children. For the workers out there, you may require certain tools and to keep those organised will make your job much easier. For those of you with children, a boot organiser means you can keep toys, wipes, random pieces of spare clothing and other items all categorised and organised efficiently.


Parents always want to keep an eye on their children, especially on long car journeys. This isn’t always possible when you are focused on the road ahead. There is a way to help you. If you have a Garmin navigation unit already set up in your car for use as a sat-nav, you can connect it to the babyCam.

The babyCam will record your baby by a wireless remote camera. It is illegal for drivers to have a continuous video screen playing whilst they are driving due to the possible distractions it can cause. However, the babyCam only shows a few seconds at a time to ensure you don’t get distracted.

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