Winter Boots From Hotter Shoes

I'm a huge fan of Hotter Shoes, especially their winter boots collections.  Each year I head over to their knee high selection but this year I fancied a change so I picked a couple of styles and colours and handed the decision over to my Instagram followers to decide for me in the form of a poll.  The final result narrowed it down to the Whisper ankle boots in dark tan

#HotterWakies : The Whisper Boot Is Perfect For Winter Dog Walks! Autumn leaves on a dog walk

I cover many miles when walking the dog and in the Autumn and Winter I want my feet to be toasty and comfy and the Whisper boot doesn't let me down. The upper and the inner 'sock' is made from leather whilst the sole is polyurethane which prevents slipping. The zips on both the sizes of the boot open which makes it easy for anyone to pull on quickly. 

What I was really interested in, though, was the construction of the boot itself. Hotter are well known for their comfort and this breakdown of the Whisper boot is fascinating.  A total of 32 separate components are used to create the boot itself. 

#HotterWakies : The Whisper Boot Is Perfect For Winter Dog Walks! The 32 components of the Whisper boot

These slouchy boots have hardly left my feet since I got them. I've styled them up with skirts for work and styled them down with leggings at the weekend but my uniform of skinny jeans and these Whisper boots has become part of my staple 'wardrobe'. 

The Whisper boots are available on the Hotter website, come in nine colours and three width fittings.  They are priced at £85.