... And I Would Run 500 Miles

At the beginning of this year I set myself a goal to run 1000km by the 31st of December.  I had just joined Blackburn Road Runners and was wanting to get some serious training done to tackle my 10k personal best time.  Little did I know that I would end up training for a 10 mile race by the end of the month and then training for, and completing, two half marathons (Darwen and Southport).  Because of the way races and club runs are structured, I changed my Garmin into miles and promptly forgot about my challenge.

The October Run Down - running in Ibiza
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That was until I went for a quick run in Ibiza, refreshed my Strava profile and I noticed that I was within touching distance of 500 miles for the year.  I smashed through the 500 mile mark on a club run last week then I did a couple of calculations, realising that I was nearer to that 1000km goal that I thought I could be.

The October Run Down - hitting 500 miles
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As it stands, there are 10 weeks to go until the end of the year and I'm 105 miles away from my goal (1000km = 621.3 miles).  I think I can manage 10.5 miles a week between now and the end of the year.  In fact, I know I'll be surpassing that most weeks!

I've only raced once since my 10k trail run in August and that was last weekend at the Green Drive Five, a five mile race through Lytham and Warton, organised by Lytham St Annes Road Runners.  I've wanted to participate in this race for a couple of years but I was injured in 2016 and on holiday in 2017.  I also missed out this year but managed to bag myself a transfer place at the 11th hour!

And I'm so glad I did... this race was going to be my test for pacing myself ready for the two 10k races I've got coming up next month.  I wanted to make sure that I found my "happy pace" again and this totally flat route would set me up in good stead for ensuring that I didn't need to slow down or walk any hilly parts.  Plus... bonus for me... this was the area that I went to school in during the 1980s.  Green Drive was where I used to sneak off for a fag had to run during cross country PE lessons and I knew that I could visualise mile markers before I'd even set off.

I had the best run ever, even managing negative splits (faster paced miles each time) for miles two through to five.  This is the first time I've ever experienced that and it felt brilliant.  I can't wait until the next couple of races where I'm aiming for a 10k personal best and to break through the 1h10m mark for that distance.

The October Run Down - the Green Drive Five
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What I'm Wearing

I invested in a skort via our club kit store.  I never ever envisaged myself wearing shorts or this skirt/shorts combination but since I've lost a bit of weight, I've become more confident and invested more in my I-don't-give-a-fuck-look-I'm-running attitude.  The skort is honestly one of the most comfiest items of running gear I've ever worn and even wore it for the aforementioned run in Ibiza and the race last weekend! By the way, if you ever buy one, let me tell you that the upside down pocket isn't a design fault.  It's where you keep your balls!! (tennis balls, of course)

Also, I get LOADS of questions about the leggings that I wear.  My capri-length leggings are ALWAYS from Sports Direct and are the USA Pro range and I buy them when they are on special offer although it's like the DFS sales - they always seem to be on offer.  I also still love my Anne Stokes Gothic Skulls leggings that I wore on the 10k trail run.  They are from Wild Bangarang and I have a few other pairs from them that have lasted really well.  You can read my review from a couple of years ago here).

What I'm Drinking And Eating

I'm seriously trying to knuckle back down with my Slimming World eating plan.  It's helped me in so many ways this year both with my mental and physical well-being but the recent holiday took its toll.  I've set myself a goal to reach a total loss of three stone before Christmas (I'm almost at two-and-a-half stone now) and, even though this week hasn't gone to plan, I'm going to keep chipping away at it.  Normally the numbers don't matter to me but the "loss numbers" are a way in which I can visualise actual results, if that makes sense?

I've recently been trying out the Athletic Line Isotec Race from Scitec Nutrition.  These are carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks and you can use them before or during a workout.  I've been adding these into my increased water intake regime and I'm enjoying the flavours (raspberry iced tea is my favourite flavour so far).

I've also been enjoying the occasional 'superfood' bar from NutreeLife (I took a couple with me to the race on Sunday).  I was really glad this company reached out to me as they are based locally in Preston, Lancashire  Now... the bars are quite dry in texture so I found I had to drink lots of water with them (no bad thing) but they are gluten, soya and animal product free.  NutreeLife is a family run business and, after working for some of the UK's largest food an nutrition companies, the directors decided to create a product that was nutritional, clean, healthy and accessible to all - and, a huge bonus, all product are manufactured in-house so a close eye is kept on what goes into these bars. This definitely ticks all the boxes for me.

Coming Up

My races in November will be the Windmill 10k on Sunday 11th November and the Wesham 10k on Saturday 24th November.  As previously mentioned, it would be a fantastic achievement to get a new personal best time for 10k at either one of these events so let me know if I'll see you there! 

Don't forget that I micro-blog over on Instagram so you can keep up with each run over there plus a whole load of random day-to-day stuff on my Instagram Stories. 


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