Holidaying once the children have grown up and moved out

Now that I am edging slowly towards fifty, I wonder how I would feel once I am on the other side. When I look back, I feel life has been good and kind. My kids are now 19, 25 and 27, and I am no longer in my thirties. Life is certainly changing as the numbers grow in our age. 

However, I have not allowed it to change my desires and zest for life. I know that my children will not always be there with me as they move on in their own lives. My nest would be empty, but I plan to fill the big empty with wonderful possibilities. I am going to celebrate my life and make a new beginning all over again. Have any questions about life after 50? Click here to know about the amazing possibilities at this golden age. 

As I love to travel, I have already made a bucket list of where I would travel once I am alone and my children move out. I already feel like a free bird!

Greece is my favourite

I love beaches, and I have heard that the beaches are the best in Greece, so this is my first travel destination, especially after visiting Corfu last year. The climate is warm and sunny, and it would be great to enjoy the beaches, explore the islands and hike. Moreover, the locals are friendly, and the food is healthy and delicious too!

Italy for its rich history and culture

I would love to explore the canals in Venice or look at the astounding art treasures in Rome and Florence. I have heard that Italian trains are very affordable and it would be great to explore regions such as Basilicata, Umbria, Puglia or Le Marche. 

The sunny and colourful Mexico

I’m a big fan of Mexico, and the city seems to be cool and pleasant. I am attracted to its foods, customs, handicrafts as well as archaeological sites and the colonial towns. Moreover, it has an exploding food scene and is a very affordable city.

Japan for its politeness and bullet trains

I do not know a single word of Japanese, but feel very excited at the thought of travelling in Japan. It would be great to experience Japanese politeness and the delicious food in person. Those ultra-punctual and speedy bullet trains would make travelling a breeze.

Laos for Buddhist temples and orange-robed monks

I have always been fascinated by Buddhism and so have placed Laos on my bucket list. It would be very relaxing to explore the peaceful towns and small villages. I would love to hike in the beautiful countryside.

The vast and interesting Argentina

I would love to have a longer holiday in Argentina as there is so much to see and do. I could hike up the mountains and go around the lakes or take a boat to a glacier. I am excited as in Argentina I would get the chance to see the biggest waterfalls in the world. Then there are churches a, museums to explore and lots of shopping to enjoy!

My bucket list is open-ended, and I look at it as a motivational force to cheer me up and move towards a yet better and fruitful life after 50!

Photo 1 by Charlie Marusiak on Unsplash 
Photo 2 by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash 
Photo 3 by Quinn Buffing on Unsplash