What Would You Do With An Extra Hour?

Darwen Moor just before sunset

What would you do with an extra hour?

I hate the phrase : "We all have the same 24 hours in the day". I hear it bandied about by all manner of life coaches and even used to use it myself when mentoring young adults. Yes we DO have the same 24 hours in the day but we don't all have the same opportunities or financial security.

Earlier this month, another of Arnold Schwarzenegger's newsletter sections resonated with me and it was this...

Use the 24 hours that we are given wisely - and include sleep in that time too. That hour scrolling on social media (ironic, huh?) could be spent reading a book. Another hour could be spent as quality time with family or a friend. Another hour could be spent learning a new skill or working on your personal development.

This way of thinking has given me a new perspective on my 24 hours.

PS: please do click that link to Arnie's newsletter. It's the highlight of my inbox each month and I put aside at least half an hour to devour it. It's so inspirational.  He's also pretty chuffed that I endorsed it on Twitter back in August and we're best mates now!! 

Tweet from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Nickie