Are Picture Rails The Best Solution For Your Wall Art?

When people think of picture hanging systems, they usually primarily think of picture rails. These are the most common form of professional art hanging that is used in museums, galleries, commercial spaces and now even homes and offices.

But are they the best picture hanging system? What should you be aware of when looking at these rail systems?

Are Picture Rails The Best Solution For Your Wall Art?

Are Picture Rails Old Fashioned?

If you look at many houses from the 1920s and 1930s, you will notice that many were built with a picture rail from which to hang their pictures. This has led many to believe that picture rails are old fashioned and out of date.

However, the picture rails used back then and the ones manufactured now are very different. The concept remains similar as evidence of its long term success but its style and structure has been completely modernized. Now picture rails are the contemporary option though the idea of a picture rail has been used for over 100 years.

Would A Picture Rail Be Good For A Single Picture?

Picture rails are great for most applications. However, the idea of a rail makes the location of your picture highly adjustable. If you are planning on moving your picture around a lot, adjusting its location or adding additional pictures to the same wall, then it is an ideal solution to your hanging needs.

On the other hand, If you have a single picture that you want in a single location with no plan to move it or add to it, then a picture rail may be unnecessary on a large wall. Instead you might consider a suspension system that has single fixed points of contact.

Is A Picture Rail The Best Option Available?

The best picture hanging system will highly depend on what type of item you are hanging, where you are hanging it and how you want it to appear. Therefore, though we can say with utmost certainty that picture rails are a great and ideal solution they may not be the best solution in every instance.

Something that will greatly affect the quality and performance of your picture hanger will be where you buy it from and the available options that you choose from. A cheaper system can cost you a lot of money down the line so we encourage you to get something high quality from a recognized brand.

We also recommend choosing a good hanger type. Some choose tape, plastic lines, cables or rods. Though metal rods are definitely a great heavy duty option for most applications, we recommend the inconspicuous yet sturdy cables that are becoming increasingly popular.